Investeren in het onderwijs met NPO gelden

Eindelijk is er ruimte om weer te investeren in het onderwijs. In tijd. In geld. In weer echt in contact zijn.

Wij hebben een mooi aanbod opgesteld om als school weer echte stappen te kunnen zetten. Allemaal binnen de NPO normen. Spreken we elkaar snel?

MEU brochure en NPO 2021

Yask and ME+U

Yask is a leading facility management company in The Netherlands. We cooperate in the personal development of all their managers and employees (movie in Dutch, shown to get a grasp of the introduction).

Get to know ME+U for free

Master your inner game. Using the link below you will get an impression of your two most important drives and aversion. 6 questions in about 7 minutes will provide you with a sneak preview of ME+U, the platform for personal development and collaboration. Fill in the free test, see what drives you, your aversions, your pitfalls and what's happening under stress. Join with your colleagues to strengthen your development, the teamculture and create an organisation to be proud of.

Click on the menu to set the right language.

Want to use ME+U?

As an independent partner of ME+U, you will coach and advise your own clients with their development, personal as well as in teams. During the certification you will learn to give feedback on the profiles, and help your clients to create more impact. The course is specifically crafted to your wishes and mostly one-on-one. If you are already trained in a tool based on drives, the investment is 3.995 euro excl. taxes (otherwise 4.995 euro). You will receive 10 profiles which you can use with your clients. We advise you to ask 245 euro a piece (that makes the total value of the profiles worth 2.450 euro).

We also provide in-company courses. Learn how to use ME+U in your own organisation. Want to know more?

Ask for feedback during three years

Why would you only ask feedback once, when in the meantime you will develop yourself and meet new people? Using ME+U you can ask feedback at any time from anyone during three years. You will see the things you are good at, and the things where others grant you some improvement. Monitor your progression by using different filters on period and category.

"I used drives and feedback as an HR and change professional in a number of organizations. It gave a great push in the personal development and collaboration in teams. It helped to change the culture to better performance and place to work."

– Kerri Lewis - Director of HR
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