Our mission

ME+U originated form the wish of continuous personal growth and the eagerness to see other people in their full glory. Together we are building the most contemporary method for personal development, strengthening teams and creating a powerful culture.

The method is developed in the Netherlands on a foundation of modern en proved theories and experience with hundreds of thousands (inter)national profiles of drives, power and feedback.

Customers use ME+U to create more impact, by being more in touch. In touch with themselves, their surrounding en joined ambition forth their customers.

We facilitate and nourish a network of licensed partners, each with their own expertise on culture, teambuilding and personal development.

We intent to strengthen and develop every person, team and organisation. All people, All teams. All organisations.

We help you to grow:

ME+U provides a unique method with powerful insights. You can use ME+U in

  • Personal coaching
  • Teambuilding sessions and teaming skills
  • Culture development programs

and we also

  • License partners to use the ME+U methodology
  • License company's to use it in-company
  • Train people to become a ME+U master

Made possible by thorough personal attention from our ME+U team.

This is us

ME+U is an organization with a broad international network. Thoroughly educated and trained, loads of experience, knowledgeable. We help organizations, license and facilitate partners and your people to strengthen you and your organization with ME+U.

I developed ME+U to really see every person and every team, to get to the real issue at hand and improve. constantly. To build a culture together where personal and business comes together.

Cor Keijser

Concept developer
I assist directors and managers in a business like and personal way to realize their assignment, linked to their position. To realise their ambition and the goals of their organization.

Carla Rhebergen

Managing Partner ME+U education
Ernst is an engaging entrepreneur, has a keen eye for long term goals and short-term results. Searches and finds the balance between ambition and feasibility.

Ernst Daemen

Executive Partner ME+U
I am looking for the big picture, am creative and create movement in organizations. I am always looking for the teamwork between the business side of change, the personal development and social interaction.

Lucille Kissels

Executive Partner ME+U
I studied psychology and work with young people and in the field of education. I wil help you with your (personal) development, collaboration, a powerful culture and leadership.

Shene Baban

Consultant and trainer
As a consultant/trainer at ME+U I provide you with insight into your motivation and behavior. What is going well, what could be better? In addition, I do not shy away from confronting you with your challenges, always based on equality and trust.

Annemarie Herscheid

Consultant and trainer
Do you want a different perspective on your business or startup? A young fresh perspective? I connect and find your boundaries. New insights, but also confrontation, guts and perseverance! Do you dare? Then I will coach your team and Young Professionals.

Thessa Rhebergen

Consultant and trainer
As a sociologist, I am interested in how group processes and individual behaviour and beliefs influence each other. I am social, analytical, creative and open-minded. I see the big picture, make connections and translate findings into advice in which human behaviour is central.

Jorik Weustink

Consultant and trainer
Working as an HR & People Development Consultant at Coredaet I work with different organizations to make work better everyday. Creating big results by making small steps everyday is what drives me!

Eva Tholen

Partner ME+U
People-oriented, inspired and incisive. This is how I help people and teams to realise their ambitions in their power, healthily and effectively. Finding that stretch zone together, growing and thus becoming the best version of yourself as an individual, team and organisation.

Arlette van Lint

Executie partner
If you can dream it, you can do it! Niels is entrepreneurial, energetic and incisive. Experienced, dynamic and surprisingly pragmatic. Do you want to move forward with yourself, your team(s) and organization, Niels will passionately move you towards insights, movement and ... realization! Business – People – Performance.

Niels Nienhaus

Executive Partner ME+U
Yvonne has many years of experience in charge of change processes. She uses this experience in coaching and training. She builds on the capabilities of each and every member of the team.

Yvonne van Oosten

Executive Partner ME+U
Marnix is a strong believer of cooperation based on the right mentality and possibilities. Marnix is always prepared to help, strongly guiding you to take matters into your own hands.


Executive Partner ME+U
In my role as a HR advisor I help individuals and teams grow. In my sessions I work in trust and respect and focus on where the energy lays. My sensitivity ensures open en honest conversations. Each team session is an adventures, where both the organization and I grow.

Khadija Chabab

The ‘hard’, measuring of facts and the ‘softer’ feeling and intuition. Your head in the clouds, your feet on the ground. Thats how you grow and make progress.

Karin Cornet

Executive Partner ME+U
Experienced strategic HR-Businesspartner & trainer/coach with a focus on higher level management and leadership teams. Over 20 years of experience in ICT, Financial services,Building and Care.

Marco de Boer

An enthusiastic, high-achieving human resources professional with 15+ years of outstanding Human Resources performance and leadership in various industries. Professional responsibilities reflect outstanding career growth and progress with various companies

Kerri Lewis

Partner USA
People and their behaviour: that is what fascinates me from my early years! I am eager to see how we as a human being are wired and how we get along together. How we adapt and sometimes loose ourselves without noticing it.

Suze Thomma

As a coach I'll help you to dis-cover your authenticity. Becoming more aware of yourself, your strengths, your drives and ambitions. What keeps you from being the ideal version of yourself? Personal development and dis-covering your drives enables you to accelerate. Personally and professionally!

Sander van der Sleen

Partner ME+U
Ik heb ervaren dat een team dat complementair samenwerkt dé basis is voor schoolontwikkeling. Door te coachen vanuit drijfveren kan ik schoolleiders, teamleden en teams helpen om beter en leuker samen te werken. Wat een positieve energie komt er dan vrij!

Esmeralda Zegers

I give you insight into your drives and behaviour with the aim of being able to get the full potential out of yourself, team and/or organisation. In an enthusiastic, inspiring way, I help you grow into the best version of yourself or of you as a team!

Mirthe Top

Partner ME+U
Marieke is an energetic, creative and bold entre-preneur. Builds towards development and empowe-ring of individuals and teams. Combines her role as trainer and coach with interim HR positions and feels at home within a dynamic environment. Her credo is: Let your people sparkle again!

Marieke Oerlemans

Partner ME+U
I’m driven helping people getting the best out of themselves. Especially in a hybrid and digital age, having insight into motives is crucial. Getting people on board and using talent is central to this.

Nick Vreeman

Partner ME+U
As an interim school leader and coach, my focus is on development, good cooperation and positive relationships. I help teams and professionals improve and grow in these areas to make working (together) more effective and more fun.

Willeke Rijkers

Partner ME+U
I help teams improve mutual cooperation based on the motto: Dare to grow together. With confidence, enthusiasm, honesty and humor I create a movement that leads to growth. Insight into yourself and being curious about the other are central to this.

Daphne Tuijtel

Partner ME+U
As an experienced professional in professionalization, development and personal growth, I combine expertise as an HR advisor and Hormone Expert. My approach strengthens teams and promotes personal growth and well-being. I believe in vitality as the key to success, at work and in everyday life.

Anouk Kabel

Partner ME+U
Chris is a director with a lot of experience. Someone who is passionate about diversity at the workplace. He is able to help you build a team where each individuals unique strengths come forward to achieve better results. Chris is an expert in customer-oriented processes, strategy and leadership. His added value is to bring a truly practical and results-oriented approach at the workplace.

Chris Nugteren

Partner ME+U
Annelijn is focussed on the things that do work. Building from trust and respectful confrontation. Talking about the things that really matter, even when it gets tough.

Annelijn Kamphuis

Based on my passion for people's grow and flow, and the belief that everything you need is already within you, I coach and facilitate both personal and team development. I do this with my positivity, equality and innerpeace.

Boudewijn Linders

Partner ME+U
As a coach and trainer I get energy to work with teams looking at the things dat do work. All within the content of ambitions, wishes and desires.

Marjolein van Veen

Partner ME+U
Mary combines change- organisatizational- and business administration knowledge and skills. Result oriented with a heart, personal, enthusiast, emphatic and confronting.

Mary Bouma

Astrid is a committed, analytic facilitator, keen on personal leadership and team development. Intrigued by the balance between letting go, trust and control.

Astrid Mimmel

It is my passion to coach entrepreneurs financially towards pleasant and successful entrepreneurship. I prepare estate & financial plannings customized to the personality of my entrepreneurs and their business.

Jan Jonker

Partner ME+U
As a coach, I guide people and organizations based on openness and trust. With the right motivation and guidance, I believe that with small steps you can grow into the best version of yourself. My approach is characterized as confronting with love, pragmatic and result-oriented.

Renée Smeets

Partner ME+U
With sincere attention to what lives in people, I am committed to retaining employees in healthcare through HR-advice, coaching and training. I do this with a heart for care and a lot of job satisfaction. I wish everyone fun at work!

Mirjam Kompier

Partner ME+U
Coaching people and teams who work very hard and still don't get the results they want. I provide insights in their own strengths and help them make the next step or leap.

Daniëlle Bornebroek

As a teenager I know how difficult it is to be yourself and understand how things work for you. Nobody is perfect, but you can improve! I will guide you on your journey with ME+U.

Lieselotte Kamps

Partner ME+U Young&Connected
I am a coach who works with ME+U to help you with your personal goals and ambition and help you to understand your personal drives and how to use them with strength. Learn what impact you can make in a daily chanched world!

Saskia Stindt

Partner ME+U

Ina Wouters

Partner ME+U
I will show you how to look at yourself and others from your heart, beyond all your assumptions. You will discover your unique and full potential.

Marieke Konings

I stimulate you and your team to not be judgemental, but be curious about yourself and each other. This from a positive attitude, enthusiastic, humour but with a calm energy.

Karlijn Hendriks

We will travel on a journey to who you want to be, and what is blocking you to become that person. You will grow in things you already are good at. Say goodbye to beliefs that are holding you back in being the best version of you.

Marjolein van der Maesen

Sjors is playful, anxious, loyal and the best guard you can hope for. For extra security and redundancy we also installed some firewalls.


Special Junior Operator Risk & Security
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