Personal development

Your view of yourself is always enriched by feedback from others. Your own view is important. What you want, what you can do, how you think about yourself. Others also have a view on you. A different view. Your own views are much more nuances through feedback in a language you understand. Both giving and receiving feedback is kind of hard to do. Don't stumble over the exact words, but see one's attention, make matters more precise together, appreciate and learn. Learn from the appreciative compliments as well as form the more inconvenient critique. Take it personal and grow. Learning fundamental stuff is hard, your own routines are stubborn. You know the downside if you do not engage.

High performing teams

Touch the deeper layers. ME+U is great for a quick business-like approach as well as for more in depth nuance. Questions like: 'what do I want?', 'what does he want?', 'how do we work better together', are quickly and adequately answered. ME+U hands you the language as well as the insights to straighten this out. Discomforts and irritations make way for more understanding and recognition.

We can also dig a little deeper. We'd love too. 'who am I?', 'who do I want to be?', 'who do we want to be?'. The feeling that there is so much unused potential in you as a person or in your team and organization is made concrete. We challenge you to rise above your comfort zone, to learn, to develop. Constantly. And if a challenge doesn't work, we go beyond that.

Use the power of the culture

Cultures can be inspiring, uplifting, unruly, opaque or incomprehensible. Critical or following, cultures are always powerful. Knowledge of that culture is crucial to use that power as an advantage. Vision, strategy, goals, processes... all very much needed. But culture is the deciding factor for success or failure in the long term. The culture is a combination of visible aspects (what agreements do we have) and undercurrent (what are the things we really do). ME+U provides you with a clear view of the culture by combining individual and group drives and personal impact with feedback and measurements of culture.

These organizations use ME+U

Whether it is used for the entire organisation or the coaching of a few teams or individuals. ME+U has a solution for you and your organisation.

Providing a professional platform for the development of managers and employees with a positive basic attitude. No more thinking in a classical HR cycle but in talent, passion, drives and feedback.

– Claudia Vermeulen - HR professional PCBO Apeldoorn
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