The foundation: knowing your own drives and aversions

Became curious? You have probably already completed the free sneak preview test. Are you eager to get started with your development? As a person you can create an ME + U profile yourself for 395 euros including a conversation with, and explanation from, an experienced ME + U coach. This way you really get to know your drives and ambitions. You can use our online platform for three years and continue to ask for unlimited feedback at no extra cost. Let’s get started? Mail to

Would you rather work directly with your team or the organization? As a team, all participants have access to their own profile and team profile, you can see each other's unique contribution and use the culture scan for three years. From 10 ME + U profiles, adjusted rates apply.

Team training

How well do you know your colleagues? Do you have a grip on the motives and pitfalls and blind spots of your team? Do you use all the talents and diversity in the team? We guide teams to work more powerful and pleasantly together and to perform so much better. This is already easily accessible with a one-off session in which you’ll get to know and appreciate each other much better. Of course we also facilitate longer routes with even more depth. For example, a first session on individual drives, a follow-up on the team profile, then discuss individual feedback. And then sessions in which we use the culture scan and together initiate the actions that are necessary.

Let us think along with you. Contact us for a tailor-made offer.

Master's degree in ME + U

ME+U works with a professional and certified network. As an external consultant or coach you can participate in this and deploy ME+U for your customers.

• The costs for the certification are 3,995 euros excluding VAT, including 10 profiles.

• It is (of course) a complete training: individual profiles, team profiles, 360 'feedback, diversity and culture scans.

• You can purchase more profiles at a reduced rate.

• Contact hours: 16. Homework: 16 hours.


If you want to integrate ME+U into your specific services, the training will take 1 half day longer.

• The costs are 4,995 euros excluding VAT

• Contact hours 20. Homework: 8 hours

More information or register directly? Please contact

NB. After the first year, there are 195 euros in annual costs associated with certification and hosting.

In-company training

Master in ME + U

As an internal coach or (HR) advisor you want to be involved in the development of your own people. ME+U has excellent experience with internally training and guiding professionals to work with ME+U in the organization. Whether it concerns personal development, strengthening leadership or further development of the culture, we facilitate your people to achieve this in an inspiring and decisive way. The training is always tailor-made, we are happy to discuss this with you.

ME+U for executives

In in-company groups of 8-10 people you will learn in 4 half-days how you as a manager can develop your own leadership and stimulate the development of your employees. The costs are 695 euros per person. Contact: 16 hours, homework: 16 hours

ME + U Young & Connected for the classroom (10-14 years)

Do you, as teachers or supervisors, want to give the students in the classroom insight into their drives, what motivates them and how they can work together better? Do you want to work with them to see which course or study suits them? Then the ME+U YC training is the one for you.

In in-company groups of 4-8 people you will learn in 4 half-days how to work on your own development as a teacher / supervisor and how to use the ME+U methodology in teaching programs

• The costs are 695 euros (VAT free) per person, including a personal ME + U profile.

• The costs for the student tests are 75 euros each (excl. VAT). Depending on the number of tests you take, the price can be lower.

Contact hours: 16. Homework: 16 hours

ME + U Young Talent (15-21 years)

For pupils and students from the age of 15 there is the ME+U Young Talent (YT) test and specific programs are available. ME+U YT can be used for personal development, helping with cooperation, choice of study direction and learning! Used for students at universities, high schools and secondary education. Want to know more? Please contact

Coaching on personal development

Do you need further coaching, based on challenges and your ME+U profile? We will guide and coach you. The costs for this are 2,995 euros for 5 sessions and in-between contact through e-mail, whapp and telephone. Of course, a tailor-made offer based on your own wishes and budget is possible.

Providing a professional platform for the development of managers and employees with a positive basic attitude. No more thinking in a classical HR cycle but in talent, passion, drives and feedback.

– Claudia Vermeulen - HR professional PCBO Apeldoorn
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