Tension produces energy

Life is full of tension. The choices you make, the ambition you possess, the challenges you come across. For you and everybody else. To feel in balance is not being free of tension, but to cope as good as can be with these tensions. To much tension turns into stress, to little leads to apathy. Tension is the energy that is needed to act, the energy that is needed to change things.

This is how it works

We are going to work together. Just you or with your team or the entire organization. You will receive an invitation to do the ME+U test. It will take about twenty minutes to fill it in.

Your personal profile and team profiles

The ME+U platform is online, contains strongly visual profiles and an intuitive control.

Always up-to-date and available on any device with your personal secured webpage.

Your profile shows five graphs: drives, sources, culture, power, impact.

Team profiles can be created quickly. If you wish you can print your profiles.

License and Quality control

ME+U and its algorithm is based on the knowledge and experience of hundreds of thousands personal profiles front all over the world. The quality of the ME+U method is guarded by a strict selection and certification of coaches, trained by ME+U.

Are you a coach and do you want to use ME+U? Contact us.

For whom

The six advantages of ME + U

You want to improve yourself. Real growth thrives on guts, vulnerability, and trust. We help you and your team with this process. ME+U is the latest method voor personal development and collaboration, with proven roots and background.

"Giving direction to a multinational you really need at thorough understanding of the culture and the drives of your people. We create a culture in which people can keep developing themselves and feedback is standard."

– Antonie Klop - HR director ABB Benelux
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